Sunday, 27 June 2010

The story of Jumbo!

I first knew about the origins of the term “Jumbo” from a movie on television in the 1996′s. I forgot the title of. In the movie, a young couple was listening to the radio. Then there is the question from a  radio broadcaster to his listeners, “what is most touching story “? A man answered spontaneously. ” Jumbo”! The girl asked,” Why Jumbo “?

Toward the end of the 18th century, very large elephant was brought from Sudan to the Jardin de Plantes Zoo, Paris. Elephant was called by the name “Jumbo”, derived from the Swahili word meaning “chief”. After four years, the elephant was moved to the London Zoo. In there, the elephant got a lot of fans.  Many children were very happy to ride on his back.

By being so busy taking care, the elephant was sold at a price of US $10 thousands to the Barnum company, owner of the famous circus “The Greatest Show” in New York, USA. There were more than one hundred thousand letters received by Queen Victoria from British people expect the kingdom prevent the sale of that famous elephant. But in vain!

The elephant made a special carriage drawn by several horses, and then taken around the United States and Canada in a variety of circus tour.

Where’s the touching story?

In the America, the older the elephant which looked lonely. So the circus managers attempt to find a friend. So the circus managers attempt to find a friend.  And brought a little elephant named “Tom”.

At one time, these two elephants in a friendly walked in the town. Jumbo in front, Tom behind him. They crossed the railroad tracks.  When passed the rail, a small elephant foot caught.  Then the train came nearer. Tom screamed. The Jumbo who was on the other side immediately ran for help. She pushed the little friend. Success! But that’s when the train dragged the body of the Jumbo and his body was thrown. Injury! Not long time later after medical care, a huge  elephant was finally dead.

Since it appears the people there called Jumbo when viewing objects is very large. The term that became popular because it remembers with an elephant named Jumbo.

Jumbo skeleton was donated to the Museum of Natural History in New Yok. His heart was granted to Cornell University.  By Burnum, filled the skin and exhibited in a variety of great shows to various parts of the world. In 1889, the doll-skinned elephant Jumbo was donated to the University of Tufft and became the university mascot until later destroyed by fire in 1975.


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