Tuesday, 18 September 2012

NATO's Afghan Victory 'Hoax' Fully Exposed

The ferocious attack of Afghan Taliban on Camp Bastion military base in Helmand province of Afghanistan is quite telltale. The base is in the use of both the British and American armies, where on four-month duty tour is stationed as well Prince Harry, the third in the British line of succession. Although he is under the Taliban’s life threat, their spokesman has announced that the Saturday’s attack on the Camp Bastion was meant to avenge the American sacrilegious film derogatory of Islam. 

Prince Harry (Photo: cp24.com
Whatever it is, the deadly Taliban assault has neatly knocked the bottom out of the hoax that both the British and American military high commands have bee parading now for quite some time. They assert that Helmand, a hotbed of Taliban insurgency, which has been primarily under the operational command of the British military since 2006, has been pacified. So much so, the British military commanders have lately been telling their political bosses that the province stands so much secured that the Afghan security forces can now easily control it.

Indeed, on this plea they have just recently even recommended to their government that many more than 500 British soldiers from their 9,000-strong military contingent in Afghanistan they had originally planned could be pulled out by this year’s end. The attack puts paid to their pretence. But then the commanders of the occupation armies have in effect fought the Afghan war throughout on lies and deceptions, not in the battlefield. It is they alone and their gullible political masters who talk of successes. But even their own soldiers confide to their private interlocutors that they have lost the war.

And for this, the military commanders and their naïve governments are squarely to blame. They showed not the spine and the initiatives when they should have. They just kept fiddling with the war, while the Taliban and other insurgent groups were all the while regrouping in their erstwhile strongholds and rearming lethally. And when at long last they ventured out of their Kabul and Bagram redoubts in 2006, they had already lost the war. Not only the Taliban and other insurgents had entrenched in their bastions unconquerably and were resurgent, expanding beyond their strongholds, they were also running parallel governments over a vast stretch of land.

In itself, the 2014 pullout of occupation armies is a big hoax, indeed. It is not the withdrawal of victorious armies. Verily, it is an organised retreat of defeated armies. Some in fact have already hit the retreat. The Dutch and the Canadians have long gone, leaving behind their operational grounds of Uruzgan and Kandahar provinces respectively in turmoil and in the hands of insurgents. The French are flapping their wings feverishly to get out all their troops by this year’s end. Not much could be said about the presence of the other occupation armies till 2014 as the public opinion in all the contributing nations is veering round to quick pullout of their soldiers. In America itself, public pressure is building up fast to this effect.

This public sentiment has been spurred greatly by the growing murderous attacks of Afghan security personnel on their foreign trainers and mates. In fact, the Afghan war, by every account, is now an increasingly unpopular war in every country that has contributed troops to the occupation coalition. And to the great discomfiture of its military commanders and their governments, who all have all long fed their peoples with lies and deceits on their war efforts. They will have much explaining to do to their publics on the expending of so much of blood and treasure on a war that palpably is leaving Afghanistan in no peace but only in turbulence. A patchwork of what the occupiers are boastfully, albeit deceitfully, branding as the Afghan national army and police, predictably will be unable to withstand the fury of the resistance forces that are giving such a tough time to highly-trained occupiers laced with arms from foot to teeth. 

Perceptive Afghanistan-watchers are indeed already predicting a terrible civil strife engulfing the wretched country in times ahead. So much so, a British parliamentary secretary is pleading vehemently for dividing up Afghanistan into eight autonomous regions to avert this eventuality. But it is the Afghans themselves who will eventually decide their destiny, not the outsiders. And certainly the coming times do not bode well for the country and its people. The future, nonetheless, will tell which way the camel ultimately sits in the country. But the hoax of the occupiers, now getting exposed inch by inch, is sure to finally explode thunderously to their utter shame and disgrace.

Reference: Hoax exposed, The Frontier Post


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